Toulidou jellies
The Toulidou maple grove produces five jellies, each with its own special taste.

Old-fashioned Maple Jelly

A balanced blend of early season sap and syrup made from late season sap recreates the taste of traditional maple syrup and presents it at its best.

Apple Maple Jelly

Juice from apples specially selected for their flavour added to a pale-coloured syrup makes a savoury jelly whose taste holds a hint of autumn. It goes well with cheese, lamb and fresh fruit.


Raspberry Maple Jelly

Raspberry juice, pressed from organic, ripe Lower St. Lawrence berries, perfectly flavours this tempting jelly. Its fruity taste flavours desserts, salad dressings and adds a special touch to breakfasts.

Strawberry Maple Jelly

The juice from organic, ripe Lower St. Lawrence strawberries is combined with Toulidou maple syrup creating a blend of flavours with a unique taste, delicious spread on bread or toast.

Maple-fir Jelly

The blend of the woodsy flavours of fir resin and maple sap are the source of this refreshing and energizing jelly. A wonderful enhancement to strong-flavoured cheeses as well as pork and lamb dishes, it also adds a hint of woodsy flavour to sauces.

The only problem with Toulidou jellies is :
where to hide them from teenagers?
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