Francine Marquis and André Gendron

Auclair, a small village situated in the Appalachians of eastern Quebec, is a bastion of the courageous Jalois who opposed the planned closing of their villages in the 1970's.

Many young people, ourselves included, inspired by the desire to return to the earth, settled in these communities, shaking up the local routine a little. Many have moved on, the rest of us stayed.

Now established for more than 25 years in this corner of the country, where the forest is dominant, we have a maple bush of 6,300 taps, certified organic by Garantie Bio-Ecocert.

Both loving to, and daring to break new ground, we have developed new products from our maple syrup by incorporating certified organic fruit juices.

Today this has become "Toulidou Jellies".

Francine and Andre